Totoro rent money is under the supervision of the financial planner (FP)

Hi, everybody.
Is the publishers Mori Yoko (morimotoyouko).
A type of cancer.
調子者 is simple praised or are relying on people and just get carried away.
But might not feel too good Tokoro (same Rinku put A type folks, I’m sorry. There’s always blood type O?
It will be heard.
) It doesn’t.
I got FP (financial planner) credential, 7 years ago.
This is the qualification relating to money.
It is directly related to household, so help anyone qualified.
So I’m a former civil servant.
After graduating from University, had Affairs money work for 10 years.
But is not landed a job at the College, was doing after graduation from school apparel sales representative jobs continued.
No, civil service examination for the first year fell at the time of writing, so then just walked by, though.
Monthly wages are about 100000 Yen is better, but I almost bought the clothes of the disappeared.
Got the allowance from their parents, but at least he Shank (lol) soon future and have a… and graduated from University of impatience began in April. Her mother “chose women working life, I went to College and work?
“And the said quit his part-time job and challenge once again in the civil service examination, I was adopted.
Married her husband met on the job after becoming a member of society, the child born two….
Work is fairly interesting, but more difficult balancing work and child-rearing, far-field elementary school children plunge retired in the wake.
From the surrounding “quit the civil servant shame really!
“We all said.
Certainly was done monthly salary and bonuses are great.
But I want to do more like that.
And in the future want to do Café, try coz the city handmade and hand-made.
There was no hesitation to spend the rest tens of years of precious life, almost as a public servant who is too good, so quit.
And I’m gone the motivation of work I want to built their own homes, was hard work, but put it in the hands.
I wanted a fancy House old House Cafe is.
Yes!, I have made strenuous efforts.
Design is, of course, from the material Interior, outside the building also poured everything (money) to all.Completely different though.
This is incidentally my husband is salaried in fairly general equal to or a little bit less about salaries. Why I built such a House to quit work?
It’s got FP status, when taking paternity leave, in fact, children are born.
Were doing the job for money and hope to do something… and decided to think that to get qualified.
Had a good item, % and interest areas was properly studied.
Children’s feeding time is my study time. Really, why in the age of 0 so zushi was said was breasts I guess I’m drinking?
But it could be in anyway, thanks to ensure plenty of study time.
I passed on about two months studying the scores were barely one.
At that time, slowly reestablishing money their own life plan. Interest it was to study for the first time, from this House to buy, what to do?
My and my husband’s life mass pull of blank paper, writing thru the standard household income, spending and savings, including a planned life.
Since many years she wore everyday household, household spending and it was easy.
Only here will add to child-related expenses and reserve fund.
I think people do not do this way looking around very often.
I said do not know well in one year what spending much.
I’m not whole grab the image and sound reduction of household.
So, from this point on is my retirement plan and housing loans had already begun.
In 10 million yen jumped up because the House budget, far too long.
However, households are still clear.
This time, really thought it was really good, a qualified financial planner that you can.
I find subsidies from the public authorities is elated when employment pattern and beat your rate got FP status in knowledge, such as the most about loans at great rates.
Loan fees and interest rates will eventually just become plus as it was from.
We are Apple.
FP eligibility Sama-Sama is ready but not splurging never comfortable life.
Know, do not know, so different like me… life is unfair.
It was veering a little story,.
In my talk, I hope you think these people are greatly appreciated.It is know-how that borrow money from here is the site for caching.
I thought caching… I honestly look at.
First of all, former civil servant now nurturing homemaker caching site operates. Do you feel suspicious?
Actually, MOM friends became familiar caching in the wake.
I am that MOM friend, caching help you.
And I casually get FP status helps in this way had no idea though.
Is a State-of-the-ordinary housewife MOM friend is he bright and sometimes clumsy, but I always have.
End calls to her husband just debt that could not speak like told me.
Or it’s just me trust me because it just simply me more money or had me rolling in money.? it is not.
But I was barely able to see really always nervous, while hiding the worries facing bright children, her husband and her.
But no money to lend to a friend I have sufficient knowledge.
I thought I wanted to give you.
I think that people who arrived? it’s a solution if you’re in the world of the Internet, this site also.
It is to help those who do.
All right!
“Normal” for where you are I 消shi飛nnji worried about if they knew a MOM friend, the caching situation and circumstances, or would fade.
Can you come here please from rim is little read!. Do you surprised I say I have a familiar person borrowed money on the promise that it?
I’m not too surprised.
This is because long ago, my cousin sister had worked in the promise.
Really beautiful and intelligent person I thought children emotionally.
Remember that the cousin had talked about work vividly.
Scary images from what it was, or rather disgust for caching, it wasn’t.
That’s why caching a nuisance was unwilling MOM friends back in May. He unabashedly take credit, rent a what is the difference?
And even thought he was.
From the situation first, moms friend, caching had to talk.
Sudden illness or major injury or not.
Was caused by overuse of credit cards in the mail.Order from the Internet and registering once memorized, on the same site will be easy to buy.
Moms friends dress up in love and is always wearing cute clothes.
I also like clothes, so often embroiled in such a topic.
Moms friend is young so I don’t think age is visible.
So, abounded in the mail-order purchases, cosmetics and clothes was.
Indeed, “that was also wearing new clothes, I” and was going well, but she’s type and neatly worked as a temporary employee, but savings are not, as thought he was.
I had unleashed in anyway she loves shopping so stress of child-rearing and work clothes to buy.
I understand that feeling painfully.
Excited when I bought new clothes, that is a pleasure.
Because when apparel sales representative I had I was bought in large quantities.
Besides, I work while raising children that a woman is really tough.
Yeah, on weekdays every day of is.
Prepare for domestic holiday I accumulation and next week you quickly that it takes.
You can’t fall down even if I caught a cold, and the child would soon become ill.
Anyway I’m doing shopping in what, even without your own enjoyment, not.
It is mothers ‘ stress I’m’s.
Somehow I also remind myself, and I cry….
It was routine when I’m working I also see the clothes shop at all times.
But I erai thing is that I want all clothes that Favorites is dropped up to 70% off the product from the had to buy.
It is fun to shop in its budget, so decide yourself the cost of clothing for one year had managed.
Store, she did say Friday magic.
It seems had a habit of daily shopping in I wonder if something is Friday night, seems particularly end up buying.
Opening of 1 week’s work is done, stay up late depresses it to the shop.
And pothipocipochi….
Recent shop is the commented on the next day.
Holidays are now wearing new clothes, going out with the children it seems fun.
If you take care of them if I can’t go out to shopping, so is certainly appreciated.
And even sold out will re-stock notice.
Stores more than rather net more carefully scrutinize such care.But it’ll be great amount no matter how small, even I bought every day.
Friends are like thin came around.
Only for child care was not 忙shikattara to work on household chores, how good is….
First use of credit, it was about 50000 yen.
But the draw when I realized were exceeding the 300000 Yen in 3 months, I felt I had said.
Fallen because for every small shop hell….
At that time she was in addition to the stress of parenting, shopping is likely to stress that wasn’t in very good relationships in the workplace.
Products received without a crush but may not immediately use the pre-approved was repeated.
I guess the sense of accomplishment when shopping, was supposed to reduce stress.
Than previously realized that MOM that tended to be friends but again shopping dependency is scary.
Her piece by piece and tell the situation.
But I also have been getting frustrated having somewhere to equivocate.
Again, your mind, MA embarked on a friends relief.
Is Mama looked away from her friend’s husband, and is carrying out put.
“I’m worried not only not reduced debt!
And I think somehow how anyway showing everything!
“And was angry.
It’s easy to lend me money, but for each other it never.
At least they stated flatly.
So I usually make us smile, MOM friends surprised by was that.
But I say is little easier from that time is now.
And concluded that I pay this, watching the line of credit or bank account.
And believe it or not, have the most of her salary.
It is a ridiculous amount!
It is a big problem!
She was selected the “revolving”.
Credit card payment is a lump sum repayment, but can be changed later in the Revolving account was.
So anyway, let’s go back 10000 yen each, had good luck was.
Credit interest is 14.8%.
Do I return in three years even in the worst… and is tucked away in the family, she thought, there are monthly repayment seems quite had to bear in mind.
Really do return, okay makes sense, said as she.
The blame was also shopping on.
I think that unnecessarily weakened heart.It was such a situation.
Debit of credit is a MOM friend’s salary is paid to the end of the month, but the month 25 days.
Made it so hard to set aside money when cost of living on the edge.
MOM friends food and your husband pay rent and utility bills, and other miscellaneous charges payment that was.
It is small children out there and minor expenses.
It was… quite honestly, really no plans of use unlike the company withheld, and he spends.
 Therefore, repayable after one week!
The time is coming soon, I have entreated.
I say without hesitation if I were you, I will talk to my husband… Mommy friend, it just can’t.
Have divorced.
Hmm, marital relationships in the world so you are right there.
And because debt-ridden sad, not the parents always said.
Lending and borrowing of money is not allowed!
I struggled alone with bells and whistles, I seem even moms friend was fortunate.
Because I was a friend.
That said, I also really experience caching and loans there is not a newbie.
Worries that debt now on the net, I see how to repay money in, only keywords like (circumstances are different.) was uttered.
It had people tell you until the repayment plan and “to repay what?”, I have asked on the Internet bulletin board.
Even moms friend that “debt is 300000 Yen at this point is finally recognized.
And fear might demand (it’s it was known in the family or at work and was worried) anyway I have to somehow, and was always impatient.
 Even getting a reminder by the way, suddenly “give back!
“The drama unfolds is not assured.
So, we ended with “used to cashing in” articles.
I came to the conclusion that the MOM of a friend and no longer only this way.
“Just cashing end up borrowing money from increasing debts I” is MOM, the friend said.
I guess I don’t know what to do or feel the need for caching really himself, though, I’m scared, and it was.
This is the only weather the repayment, I approached the front of!Official site of the company that her biggest worry with the essentials, such as “really soon borrow?” blurry “is a phone call to the company?” and “repayment amount” family swelling don’t.
I’m only the amount of fine and important written in small characters!
It is psychological as it seems best to afford to borrow money.
She so fine that is weak to begin with. What I mean.
The weak numbers and the society.
So Mama makurimashita examined on behalf of a friend.
So it was confirmed a comparison site, first of all, credit card companies and as much interest.
This MOM friends did not like, was relieved.
Found and determined payment repaid is possible and the only ATM is easy to use with good looks.
In moms friend is convinced that if 受ke付kereba at unmanned aerial vehicle’s registration from the net and same-day cards issued would be applied.
The result was borrowed… safely.
First of all, really need to repay 10000 yen, at ¥ 20000 30000 yen.
Incidentally, enrollment verification to the company found out that “removing the seat and can be closed or” on the site, so takes off work for two days, during that time in the personal name work call on when was it.
Later I “heard no phone sales or something?!” from seems did not thrust anyone.
Personal calls are not much interested.
Then the debt is changed into the one cashing in.
If credit and interest remains in the caching for high flexibility in repayment.
Had to be liquidated to clean in order to cancel the card with credit don’t waste any more.
300000 yen for cash advances and credit repayment.
Caching images tend to be scary but as you surprisingly useful in, visible to friends MOM came out of mind.
Contracting feeling? “is borrowed from has to pay back”, was no longer even buy extra review expenses and entertainment expenses of the Association.
That, of course, there is my advice though.
Image caching = debt, in the world of comic books and movies “also interest ears right now, you’ll pay” like floating in the head only really bad things.
The 貼紙 gate of the residence, or going to come….プロミス 那珂