Loan balance reaches 1 / 4 revised money lending business law from 10 years of consumer finance. Upcoming personal loan what will be? [Caching encyclopedia]

10 years have passed since the enforcement of the revised money lending business law.
Enactment of revised money lending business law of the consumer finance industry has changed since 10 years.
Due reduction of maximum interest rates of 10 years ago, became subject to total control, 無担保 消費者向け loan balance at the end of fiscal year 2015 is 4443800000000 yen, has plummeted to about 1 / 4 at the end of 2006.
Behind the high interest rates and excessive lending and revolutionised the management of consumer credit were making profits in the harsh collection, greatly reduces the number of lenders across the country, over the survival is the leading consumer finance group became a subsidiary of mega-banks and various movement accelerated.
In addition, said overpayment claim from the consumer also reached 250 billion in the industry as a whole.
Walls of the rise of bank loans and the total pollutant load control directly to the loan balance reduced!
Also rising bank loans according to the enforcement of the revised money lending business law, consumer finance on insult.
Bank loans are guarded by law not subject to total control.
And to set the interest rate lower than consumer loans because deposits from individuals and corporations and loan funds, earn a fluctuation in interest.
-Take its loans for consumer financial are seed money borrowing money from the Bank, the interest rate reflects the really high interest and it is.
Further consumer finance is subject to total control, so the loans only up to one-third of the annual income of the individual.
This is a consumer finance all is directly connected to the reduction of other loans.
Main target of consumer financing of small and medium to be enacted revised money lending business law can do to survive, when financial markets are saturated with consumer finance was over-indebted people.
It is restricted by small consumer loans currently conducts a lending targets an active person with a past bankruptcy and debt consolidation.
But it is expected that because it doesn’t change the fact that the walls of the total pollutant load control, sooner or later, the market becomes saturated.
As a result, increases consumer loans will be eligible for the total pollutant load control, target customer acquisition with debt consolidation.
To repay loans after debt consolidation, however, because only the emergency that has consumers to shy away from taking additional funding when the fact is.
Currently the FSA conducts survey on bank debt financing.
As a result, most likely may also provided total bank loans and, if financial markets become saturated.プロミス 那珂